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07/06/2008micro A modern, open-plan, seaview condominium  A modern, open-plan, seaview condominium-
07/06/2008micro A modern hotel  A modern hotel -
07/06/2008micro Located on Kamala Hills  Located on Kamala Hills35 000
07/06/2008micro A nice walk along the beach road  A nice walk along the beach road-
07/06/2008micro Luxury home ,on a picturesque hilltop  Luxury home ,on a picturesque hilltop-
07/06/2008micro A newly built 2 storey villa  A newly built 2 storey villa95 000
07/06/2008micro Designed to be in perfect harmony  Designed to be in perfect harmony-
07/06/2008micro This two-storey villa  This two-storey villa -
07/06/2008micro A spacious villas  A spacious villas-
07/06/2008micro In one of Patong's highest building  In one of Patong's highest building115 200
07/06/2008micro Exquisite three-bedroom pool villas  Exquisite three-bedroom pool villas88 000
07/06/2008micro Villas are perfect for large families  Villas are perfect for large families 105 000
07/06/2008micro A private house  A private house 90 900
07/06/2008micro A modern penthouse  A modern penthouse 197 120
07/06/2008micro A modern apartment  A modern apartment 158 400
07/06/2008micro Kamala Beach Front Apartments  Kamala Beach Front Apartments -
07/06/2008micro Luxurious Thai style villa  Luxurious Thai style villa -
-- Condo -- Eastern Region -- Chonburi -- Sriracha --   GE Edit

Urgent Sriracha place condo for sale

640 000
Sriracha place condo, 10th Floor, room#10/18, sale with furnitures; A/C, water heater, bed, cabinet, sofa, frige and etc.
Send email to advertiser Kik staying in United States or call: ###-#######.
06/06/2008micro Luxury 3-bedroom villa is very private  Luxury 3-bedroom villa is very private202 400
06/06/2008micro Villa is perfect for a family holidays  Villa is perfect for a family holidays219 450
06/06/2008micro Ideal for a group of families  Ideal for a group of families-
06/06/2008micro This luxury 3-bedroom villa  This luxury 3-bedroom villa 202 400
06/06/2008micro 3-bedroom villa with ensuite bathroom  3-bedroom villa with ensuite bathroom270 050
06/06/2008micro this luxury 3-bedroom villa  this luxury 3-bedroom villa 218 350
06/06/2008micro Located in the centre of the estate,  Located in the centre of the estate,248 050
06/06/2008micro An optional fourth bedroom is available  An optional fourth bedroom is available-
06/06/2008micro This 4-bedroom villa  This 4-bedroom villa 250 250
06/06/2008micro An elegant three bedroom pool villa  An elegant three bedroom pool villa415 225
06/06/2008micro Seaview land plots in Bangtao  Seaview land plots in Bangtao3 236 158
06/06/2008micro  In the heart of Laguna area   In the heart of Laguna area140 000
06/06/2008micro Modern decorated Townhouse  Modern decorated Townhouse 100 000
06/06/2008micro Located on the east coast  Located on the east coast3 500 000
06/06/2008micro Hillside island land  Hillside island land 10 000 000
06/06/2008micro Located on this spectacular west coast  Located on this spectacular west coast12 000 000
06/06/2008micro Beachfront land on Koh Lanta island  Beachfront land on Koh Lanta island8 000 000
06/06/2008  Offering a long private white beach 9 000 000
06/06/2008  Island Hotel located on 12 rai 7 000 000
06/06/2008micro West coast, gently sloping land  West coast, gently sloping land40 000 000
06/06/2008micro On the stunning East coast of Phuket  On the stunning East coast of Phuket3 500 000
06/06/2008micro Land located on the East coast  Land located on the East coast6 000 000
06/06/2008micro This lovely piece of prime land  This lovely piece of prime land1 838 000
06/06/2008micro A magnificent beachfront property  A magnificent beachfront property3 250 000
06/06/2008micro A lovely beach front land piece  A lovely beach front land piece4 000 000
06/06/2008micro Gently sloping hill overlooking  Gently sloping hill overlooking8 000 000
06/06/2008micro Beachfront island land  Beachfront island land 8 000 000
06/06/2008micro Gently sloping land  Gently sloping land3 000 000
06/06/2008micro Located above Patong beach  Located above Patong beach16 000 000
06/06/2008micro On the top of a gently sloping hill  On the top of a gently sloping hill5 500 000
06/06/2008micro Gently sloping hill  Gently sloping hill 6 200 000
06/06/2008micro Magnificent piece of land  Magnificent piece of land10 000 000

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